Great summer adventure

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Another rehabilitation hike along the Caucasus mountains was carried out by youth from social risk  families and from orphanages

We already have a good tradition. Before you start an independent life, try yourself on a hike.

The hike is very similar to life. To successfully conduct it, you need to have many useful skills, you need good planning, you need a close-knit team, and most importantly – constant work.

On our way we met 12 extraordinary mountain lakes. The largest and most beautiful of them is, of course, the Semicvetnoye lake (lake with seven colors)  a kind of visiting card of the Caucasian mountains.

To get to this beauty, the boys and girls walked more than 60 km along the mountainous terrain, rising to a height of 3000 m. All successfully passed the test. The weather helped the travelers.

Another ten teenagers will thankfully remember Belaya Roza  for the most important adventure in their life.