Camp on the sea

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In the beginning of July 40 children from poor families rested on the Black Sea coast.

We have been looking for a suitable place for a long time. Here is too expensive. There is too far from the seacoast. We are almost desperate, but here is the inconspicuous Inal Bay. On the one hand, the bay is far from the road, and therefore there are few people (and really cheap prices!). On the other hand, the bay is the closest place to our city on the Black Sea, which drastically reduces transportation costs. And finally, the charming beauty of this places, immediately captivated the organizers of the camps. And we realized that the children will rest here.

Families who are under our care – can not afford their children a summer holiday. Refugees from Ukraine, families with many children and incomplete families, families without their own house, without proper work… How good that there is Belaya Roza that can organize such holidays.

Next is a matter of technology. A well-established mechanism for organizing such camps does not give any breakdowns. And as a result – the happiness of children, their smiles, even for only 5 days. Someone said that if a person does not have happy memories from childhood, he will be cruel and aggressive.

We dare to hope that our children will grow up good, successful.